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Are you ready to book it?

We're here to show you the simplicity of booking your mystery diner mission. This video will guide you through the process of registering and logging in on app.tipps.co.uk, searching for missions, selecting a location, setting a date and time, and booking it.

  • One of your final questions will ask you how much you spent
  • Enter the EXACT amount you spent in the same format as requested, even if it is more or less than the advertised refund value
  • Send a photo of your receipt if requested
  • Our system will then check that the mission has been completed
  • If there are any cash bonuses, these will be automatically added to your payment
  • And BOOM, your refund will be in your PayPal account for UK missions or in your Careem Wallet for Dubai missions

  • Read the questions carefully
  • Only reply to questions when you are ready, there is no rush
  • Answer all the questions honestly
  • Answer all the questions in English only
  • If the question is multiple choice, only reply with the corresponding number and not words
  • Try to be as descriptive as possible with your free text answers without writing an essay
  • Send photos when asked to
  • It's that easy

  • On the day of your booking, get to your mission on time
  • Before you enter the venue, start the mission with a message to WhatsApp that you are ready
  • Read the instructions carefully, as you might have to answer questions on the exterior of the restaurant before you enter, or order a specific item etc.
  • Remember to be discreet so that you don't give the game away
  • Be observant on the restaurant's cleanliness, surroundings and atmosphere
  • Be observant on the server's standards, knowledge and suggestions
  • Order your meal and drink
  • Be observant on how your order is placed/given to you
  • Be observant on the food and drink
  • If asked to take photos, take them before you start eating and follow instructions like ‘take off lids’
  • Most importantly of all, enjoy your meal and the experience

  • Click the ‘Book Missions’ button at the top of our website
  • Easily register or login
  • Explore the exciting missions available
  • Pick a mission you'd like to participate in and then choose the desired day and time
  • Now, simply click the ‘book’ button to book it
  • Your upcoming missions will be displayed at the top
  • You’ll also receive a confirmation with all your mission’s details via WhatsApp
  • If you book in advance enough, you will receive a reminder via WhatsApp the evening before and one hour  prior to your mission
  • Once booked, you’ll be ready for the next exciting step – How to eat it
Next Step: How to Eat It

TippsTip:  It’s advisable to choose a restaurant or takeaway option that offers food which you will enjoy.
Kind reminder: If for any reason you are unable to fulfil your mission, please cancel it in a timely manner to allow another Tippster to enjoy it.